About us

H&M Family Farms are located in the countryside outside of Bucyrus and Brokensword in Crawford County, Ohio.  We are owned and operated by John and Kathy Mizick and their adult children Mike and Angie Hall and Steve and Candee Hall.

Together our families raise beef, pork, meat goats, and chickens (and their eggs).  We believe in working in harmony with nature, blending the health and well-being of our
animals, soil and water to produce nourishing, wholesome and delicious foods for our family and our customers.

All of our animals are raised naturally on our family farms where the emphasis is on quality.  We do not use hormones or implants or feed that includes animal by-products. If one of our animals becomes ill and a dose of medicine will cure that animal, we will use medicine including antibiotics. 

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It's all about doing the right thing.


We've raised all of our meat on pasture before it became popular to do so because we've known for years that not only is it better for you, but it’s good for the land, too.

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If you price out our meat by weight and cut and compare it to what you would pay at a grocery store, we think you will be pleasantly surprised to learn that you will be paying less than store prices in total for what we think is a superior product!

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